5 Best Raksha Bandhan Gifts for Brother in 2021

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We all know Raksha Bandhan is a special day in India to reaffirm the bond between brothers and sisters and to strengthen its unity between siblings.

Therefore siblings play an important role in this ritual and offer gifts to each other as a sign of protection and love for each other bonded together by the thread of unity.




What is Rakshabandhan?


Rakshabandhan is a traditional ritual that is usually celebrated in India among the Hindus. The word Rakshabandhan comprises of two basic words Raksha and Bandhan. Raksha means Protection and Bandhan means to tie a bond.

This ritual comes from Hindu mythology in Mahabharata where we can find Draupati has torn a piece of cloth from her saree and tied it around Lord Krishna’s wrist to protect his wound. Thus a brother-sister bond was established and Krishan promised to protect her too.

Rakshabandhan is mostly celebrated between sibling brothers and sisters in India and some parts of Asia in their own family or relatives. But it is also seen that in some parts of our country wives also ties rakhi to their respective husband which also dates back to our Hindu mythology where Indrani, the wife of the Lord of deities (Indra) tied an amulet in her husband’s wrist Indra to protect him from the devils because he had to go to war to fight the devils in order to save the earth.

To simply understand what is Rakhabandhan, we can affirm that it is a bond of unity between brother and sister and it is celebrated on earth as a ritual filled with prayers along with a sacred thread that is tied by a sister to her brother and in return brother takes the vow and a promise to protect her against all odds and it is followed by gifts where brothers gift their sisters in return.


What is special about Rakshabandhan Gifts?


When it comes to celebrating Rakshanbandhan with your brother or sister, gifts are a very special part and parcel of this celebration.

A gift emotionally speaks a lot about the bond that you have with your brother or sister or your relatives when you gift them something during the Rakhi Festival.

There are several enchanting gifts for the Raksha Bandhan celebration.

And these give are special Rakshabandhan Gifts for your loved ones therefore we are here to help you select the right gift for your loved ones.

For example, Dorakart has unique rakhi gifts for sisters and brothers and husband and wife for this special Rakshaband in 2021.

Celebrate your occasion with these special Raksha Bandhan gifts together or send these gifts online to your friends or family.

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5 Best Rakshabandhan Unique Gifts for Brother


If you are not sure what to Gift your brother during this Rakshabandhan then these options might definitely help you.


a) Personalized Printed Mug


personalized printed mug


These personalized printed mugs are best for coffee and tea lovers. If your brother loves to take coffee or tea every morning.

This mug will be one of the best gifts for him that sisters can present on this Rakshabandhan.

You can order these mugs online with a personalized text such as printing the name of your brother or print a text such as a gift from for my dear brother.

Personalized text will surely make this gift a special gift.


b) Lucky Bamboo Plant


lucky bamboo plant


A lucky bamboo plant can be kept at home or office, therefore it will be a great gift for this Rakshabandhan.

The Lucky Bamboo plant usually grows well in indirect sunlight so these plants are easy to grow and care for by dipping them in water in a bowl.

And this makes it a wonderful plant to be kept inside homes as a live plant.

Sisters can gift this plant to their brother for good luck and fortune whether he is studying or running a business.

The lucky bamboo plant gift comes in various designs such as 2 step bamboo plant and 3 step bamboo plant.
These plants look good in the study room or office room.


c) Raksha Bandhan Special Combo (Chocolates, Bombo Plant, and Rakhi)


Raksha Bandhan Special Combo


This is one of the special Gift hampers for Rakshabandhan that consist of Lucky Bamboo Plant, Chocolates, and Rakhi combined together in a pack.

Rakshabandhan's special combo pack includes 2 Special Rakhi's,  24 Pcs Ferrero Rocher, 1 Cadbury Celebration Pack, and 2 layer bamboo plant.


d) Mixed Chocolates and Rakhi (Special Combo Pack)


Mixed Chocolates and Rakhi


If you are still in doubt chocolates are evergreen gift ideas. So you can present chocolates and a rakhi combo gift pack to your brother.

Chocolates are simply the best gifts and you can choose chocolates as per your brother's likes and order a combo gift pack online from our special combo gift pack for Rakshabandhan.

The gift pack consists of beautiful and 2 special Rakhi, 8 Pcs Ferrero Rocher, 2 Cadbury Silks, 3 Dairy Milk, and  2 (5 Star) chocolates

This will delight your brother if he is a lover of chocolates.


e) Sweets and Rakhi Special (Combo Gift Pack)


Sweets and Rakhi Special


Most of us love sweets and if your brother love sweets too then this gift will work wonder for him.

This combo gift pack contains Special Rakhi and Kaju burfi sweets that are very delicious in taste and flavor.

Gift this to your brother without thinking much about what to gift in this Rakshabandhan.

This combo gift pack surely will be an enchanting gift for him.





According to the Hindu calendar, Rakshabandhan usually occurs on the full moon day of Shravana. But this year Rakshabandha 2021 will be celebrated on 22nd August 2021, Sunday.

Wish you the best of luck and Happy Rakshabandhan Day 2021. For a special list of our other Rakshabandhan Gifts refer to



Raksha Bandhan Best Gifts